Connect Bitvavo

Establish API connection to Bitvavo

After you have logged in to the Bitvavo website, click on your account name (see image below).
Once you have clicked on your name, the following will appear:
Click "API"
Then you get the following screen:
Choose the green button "Nieuwe API Key aanvragen".
Enter a typical name (for example "Bitvavo Bitcoin"), slide the button at "View data" and the button at "Buy and sell" to the right:
Enter (if you have activated that) your 2FA authentication code and click on confirm.
By clicking on the box behind the code, the system automatically copies the API key, so you can paste it into your account at BitBrokerTrade.
The same goes for the API secret. Remember to activate the API via the email sent to you. You can activate the API at BitBrokerTrade only after you have confirmed the confirmation email from Bitvavo.
At Bit Broker Trade you first click in the left column on "Settings", then on "Exchanges" and then on "Add exchange".
Then choose "Bitvavo" by clicking on the logo
Fill in the name is the same name that you entered at Bitvavo ("Bitvavo Bitcoin")
Copy the keys as indicated before, but click on add only when you have confirmed the confirmation email from Bitvavo about the API Key.
When all this is done we proceed to the next step.

Connect the BitBrokerTrade Trader to Bitvavo

Select in the trader menu "Settings" and then "Traders" and then "Add trader". the next screen appears:
Enter the following:
Name: the name of the exchange and the cryptocurrency you will be trading in: for example: Bitstamp Bitcoin. Exchange: Choose from the menu: "Bitstamp" Market: Choose the correct currency combination from the menu, for example: BTC / EUR Strategy: Choose the right trading strategy from the menu: BitBrokerTrade Minimal profit percentage: Here you enter the profit percentage at which the trader may proceed to a sales order. Checkbox 1: If you check this box, you can enter a maximum value above which the trader will no longer make any purchases. Checkbox 2: By placing a mark here you activate the trader.
Congratulations, your trader is working!
Last modified 1yr ago